Why Should I Invest in Royalties?

Investors have different reasons to invest in minerals or royalty. Their reasons to buy are as varied as the companies and people we are privileged to work with. Reasons range from strictly business to very personal.

Some of the reasons to invest in royalty or minerals:

  • Diversify their investments
  • Tax advantages
  • Inflation hedge
  • Hedge against future oil and gas prices
  • Potential stream of revenue
  • Create a legacy for the future
  • Or, just always wanted to be a royalty owner!

Whatever your reason, Louisiana Royalties stands ready to accommodate your needs, in confidence and with the utmost care and professionalism.

For investors, Louisiana Royalties’ team of professionals will work to provide the right property, or mix of properties, for your investment needs and success. Our experience and low-cost flexible operational structure allow us to provide superior value and professional personal service to all royalty and mineral investors.

For the investor desiring a complete or “turn-key” approach to their royalty or mineral investments, our available services include everything from acquisition through long term professional management of properties acquired. A complete turn-key approach allows the investor to be free and unencumbered by all the concerns and hassles of property management.

If you would like additional information regarding investing for your needs, please complete the form below or contact our Team Leader

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    IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is neither an offer to buy or sell any security. Such offers may only be made by prospectus or through a private placement memorandum. Investments in oil, gas, minerals and royalty involve considerable risk and expense. Investors should read and understand the prospectus or private placement memorandum prior to making any investment.